Dreamy Gels coloured gels are a super high quality gel polish range.Super glossy, thick & highly pigmented colour in a simple yet stunning 15ml bottle.

Can be used along side our base coat

We are currently in the process of being out our own 48w led lamp, the manufacturer has advised using a lamp between 36w-48w & to cure for 60seconds on the low power mode setting. 

Please be aware that all gel polishes have been photographed with a daylight lamp and although we have tried our best to capture the colour they may vary slightly from the image shown.

SHAKE WELL before each use. Keep sealed tightly and stored away from ANY direct sunlight andalso extreme cold temperatures, ideally kept in a dark room at room temperature. 

Vegan & cruelty free 
Soak Off *  

Prep: Prep is the main key for a long lasting gel polish manicure, any dead skin, water or oils ect can cause gel polish to lift and chip away . Be sure to prep & cleanse the nails perfectly before use. AlWAYS be sure to shake the bottle before use.

Bubblegum- Brush On Builder Gels 15ml

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