What is the shelf life of Dreamy Gels?

Our Gel polishes are recommended to use within 24 Months,

ensuring the full 24 months shelf life please ensure all bottles are

sealed tightly and stored away from ANY direct sunlight, 

also extreme cold temperatures, ideally kept in a dark room at room temperature.


Is Dreamy Gels cruelty free​?

Yes. All our gels are cruelty free & Vegan


Are Dreamy Gels HEMA free?

Yes, all our coloured gel polishes including Top & Base are Hema

free, However our Glossy Top Topcoat does contain a small trace.


How Long does Dreamy Gels take to cure?

60 seconds – LED

2 minutes _ UV

Please note for darker colours they may need longer curing time.


How much product do you receive in a bottle of Dreamy Gels?

All our gels contain 15ml.

Is Dreamy Gels full Gel or Hybrid?

100% gel system


How many layers are needed for best coverage?

We recommend applying at least 2 thin coats for best coverage,


Can I use Dreamy Gels with another brand?

We do believe dreamy gels may be compatible with other brands

but we cannot guarantee the result.

Is Dreamy Gels Registered On the Cosmetic product notification Portal?

Yes, Our Gel polishes are registered with the CPNP.


How often will Dreamy Gels bring out new colours?

We hope to keep up with demand & bring out new colours frequently

to keep up with the latest trends.

Any collections we do will be seasonally.

How do I remove my gel polish manicure?

To remove your gel polish you will need to buff the topgloss with

a file or buffer then soak in acetone.

Ideally soak a cotton ball in acetone place this on your nail

and wrap in tin foil, leave for around 10-15mins.



Prep is number one key to the natural nail plate to promote long

lasting gel manicure. We suggest dry prepping of the nail, which includes

full cuticle work, file and shape the free edge of the nail, gentle buff the

natural shine from the nail with a 180 grit nail file.

Remove dust and wipe the nail with a lint free wipe and pure acetone this will ensure that any oils and dirt are removed.

From this point advise your clients to keeo their hands on the table to avoid touching their face or nails with the fingertips as this will just erase

all the prep you have done, and without you knowing could then cause

service breakdown, Continue to then apply Dreamy Gels base coat ect..


Can also be used over acrylic & hard gel.